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NBC News Story on Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Council was started by Claire M. Thoms in memory of her mother-in-law, Margaret F. Morgan; a WWII Army Nurse.  In providing care for her mother-in-law, she became familiar with the challenges facing veterans in attaining health care benefits under the Improved Pension Benefits program of the Veterans Administration. 

Claire Thoms started the VAAC to promote awareness among nursing homes, assisted living and healthcare providers of the benefits afforded veterans and their spouses under the VA's Improved Pension Benefits program. 

After six years of promoting the availability of the Enhance Pension Benefits for our Veterans I can announced that the word is spreading.  

Unfortunately the instances of fraud and misinformation has also grown.  

The VAAC is redoubling our efforts to meet our mission to provide accreditation and certification of service providers meeting the Council's highest standard of professional conduct.  

Before submitting any confidential information or make any contribution or payment verify that the organization is one of the many congressionally chartered veteran's organizations OR is a member of the VAAC.   A complete list of congressionally chartered organizations can be found at the link below.  If not listed below, you can request the Organization's VAAC Membership Information or call or email the VAAC to confirm the organization's membership standing with the VAAC. 

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