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YES, I would like to become a Member in the veterans aid and attendance council that will make a difference in the healthcare benefits provided to our veterans. 

  • Assistance in qualifying and facilitating member organization Veteran’s application for Pension Benefits
  • Assurance to Veterans and their families that an organization is a recognized member of the VAAC
  • Member Commitment to VAAC “Code of Conduct” and “Zero Veteran Complaints”
  • VAAC referrals to participating members 
  • Access to listings of VA accredited lawyers and financial advisors

The VAAC depends soley on membership fees to support our services to veterans and their spouses.  The VAAC is not a non profit organization and is not exempt from Federal Income Taxes. 


The bulk of the support for the VAAC is provided by member subscriptions by registered individuals and organizations committed to providing veterans and their families the best service and care.

Three Types of Membership: 

Indivual - Any individual related to or friend of the Veteran or Spouse of Veteran requiring assistance.  $25.00 Membership Fee.

Professional - Individual providing consulting, legal, financial or medical assistance to Veterans.  This includes VA accredited individuals.  $125.00 Membership Fee.

Group Member -  An association, group or network of facilities providing consulting, legal, fiancial or medical assistance to Veterans.    $500.00 Membership Fee.


Membership Application
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