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Each year tens of thousands of the current millions of senior citizen veterans and their spouses must postpone or even forego medical assistance, prescription drugs and veterans health benefits because they are simply unaware of the benefits currently afforded them as veterans under the Aid and Attendance provisions of the Veterans Health Administration.

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Council (VAAC) is an association of Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care providers, Eldercare Attorneys and Financial Advisors working together to provide the best health care for our Veterans. The VAAC mission is to educate and make Veterans and healthcare providers aware of the benefits afforded veterans under the Improved Pension Benefits of the Veterans Health Administration.


The principal objectives of the VAAC are to:

  • Create and disseminate educational materials to increase awareness and educate Council members on the Aid and Attendance benefits currently available to United States War Veterans through the Veterans Health Administration
  • Provide training for aid and attendance practitioners in order to equipment them to better educate the potential veteran clients to their rights and increase the likelihood that veterans will receive the maximum benefits allowed by law
  • Establish and maintain standards for membership in the VAAC
  • Promote Aid and Attendance benefits awareness among members, veterans groups and other interested individuals

Mission Statement:
"The Veteran's Aid and Attendance Council provides education, outreach, training, practitioner and facility memberships, awareness and other support services to: health caregivers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, public and private organizations, and other persons committed to assisting United States Veterans, their spouses and families in attaining the best quality health care available."
The VAAC Mission to provide outreach, education and support to eligible veterans and their spouses, nursing home and assisted living facilities in seeking Aid and Attendance benefits from the Veterans Health Administration for the benefit of  US war veterans.


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Veterans Aid and Attendance Council
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 The Aid and Attendance provisions of the Veterans Health Administration.Enhance Pension is the only program available to assist veterans and surviving spouses financially in an assisted living facility.  Less than 25% of veterans needing medical assistance and residing outside of the 163 VA hospitals and 130 VA-run nursing homes currently receives Aid and Attendance benefits for which they are eligible. Millions of dollars of benefits are never applied for by eligible veterans simply because veterans believe they are not eligible or veterans believe they must be totally disabled and reside in a VA-run facility in order to qualify.
There were, by the VA’s own estimates, a waiting list of over 132,000 veterans waiting over six months for care. This includes over 110,000 who were waiting for their first primary care appointment and 22,000 who were waiting for their first specialty care appointment.With more than 15.5 million veterans under age 65, the problem will only grow in the future as the population ages and retires. With more than 15.5 million veterans under age 65, the problem will only grow in the future as the population ages and retires.